Udo Anschütz Triumph

Maker: Udo Anschütz (D)
Model: Triumph
Caliber: .22lr
Barrel length: 360mm
Weight: 1180g
Source: private

This pistol was designed by Udo Anschütz (ZellaMehlis, Germany) in ca. 1912 and is the model TRIUMPH, which looks very similar in design and appearance to the Model VENUS by Oscar Will (Zella Mehlis, Germany) and was probably made as a direct competitor. Both models have a distinctive large loading lever on the right hand side of the frame, which operates the Peabody-Martini tilting-block system. It was first marketed in the AKAH catalog of 1913/14, but was later sold by several other companies. It was discontinued in the AKAH by ca. 1918.

The rear sights of the TRIUMPH are positioned at the beginning of the barrel whereas the sights on the VENUS are at the beginning of the frame. Our pistol on the right has several commemorative brass plates on the fore-end of the pistol. On the right hand side of the front end we see a small brass name plate with the name of Hermann Kroth. He was either the seller or the previous owner of this marvelous pistol.

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