Büchel Martini

Maker: E.F. Büchel
Model: Martini
Caliber: .22lr
Barrel length: 327mm
Weight: 1010g
Source: private

This pistol was first introduced in the 1931 catalog of E.F. Büchel from Zella-Mehlis in Germany. The Martini action was made popular years before that in the 1860’s and for the original Büchel Martini rifle system, a DGRM was already applied for in 1909. Why it has taken so long to produce this pistol we don’t know.

The pistol has a rear hinged falling (Martini) breech block which is opened and closed by a loading lever in the grip of the pistol. It has a trigger setting lever on the left hand side of the frame and an elongated exterior adjustable rear sight. These models are rare.

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Buchel MARTINI 002

Buchel MARTINI 001

Büchel Martini pistol
Büchel Martini pistol