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In this section we have several different items for sale. Various sellers can display their goods here. The owner of this website is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any descriptions and/or transactions of these goods. Any agreement conceived is solely made between buyer and seller. The buyer is fully responsible for any import legalities concerning the goods, the seller for any export legalities. Both parties will inform the other concerning any legalities about transport, import and/or export of any goods offered here. The seller will make an honest and true representative descriptions of his goods. The buyer will accept these descriptions as made by seller. Photographs of the goods are of the original objects and form part of the description of that object. The seller will supply Classic Target Pistols with the relevant data and photographs, description of the goods, price and country of residence of the goods. Failure to do so will result in non-placement of any ad. Please make sure that your photographs are of good quality.

The owner of this website has the right to refuse any goods to be represented on this website by third parties, which he considers inappropriate. No reason will be given for any refusal. Only original target pistols will be accepted on this website. Prices are fixed, unless otherwise stated and denoted in European Euro’s and/or US dollars. Any and all postage, packaging and possible insurance costs will be charged to the seller. Again, please make sure that proper communications are made between buyer and seller. Good luck and enjoy!

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