ESHA Peterlongo

Maker: ESHA – Peterlongo
Model: Scheibenpistole
Caliber: 9,3x30R
Barrel length: 255mm
Weight: 1425g
Source: private

In 1881-82 the German gunmakers Schmidt & Habermann (ESHA) from Suhl patented their detachable -barrel system with a DRP 15169, which was based on an earlier patent by Hemming & Günther. The system was originally meant for a target rifle. Schmidt & Habermann were renowned for their high-quality hunting and target guns. This pistol is no exception, as the high degree of finish and materials used on their pistols will testify.

Another well-known gunmaker and arms retailer at the time was Johann Peterlongo from Innsbruck (Austria), who started making specialized target pistols himself only a few years later. Peterlongo most probably contracted Schmidt & Habermann to produce these pistols, but finished and sold them himself. The barrel was unlocked by the large locking lever on the righthand side of the pistol. The double set trigger system could be dismantled without the use of any tools.

Please refer to our book “German, Austrian and Swiss Target Pistols” p.50-51

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ESHA Peterlongo (1)

ESHA Peterlongo (2)

ESHA Peterlongo pistol
ESHA Peterlongo pistol