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Any items presented here for sale and the descriptions concerning the goods given here, are made and presented with the best intent, by the seller. All dealings are solely made between the seller and buyer. The owner of this website is in no way responsible, in any way, directly or indirectly, for any of its content.

Please check with seller for legal, shipping and packaging details, before making any payment.

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This section is reserved for quality Scheibenpistols offered for sale or trade by third parties. If you wish to present your pistol, please be aware of any legal requirements of your own country or that of the buyer. Please get in touch with me for the rules and regulations and any legalities. The owner of this website is not resposible for any content presented in this section and does not negotiate between parties or conduct any business dealings on behalf of others. PLEASE CHECK YOUR OWN NATIONAL LEGAL REGULATIONS – before offering or buying any firearms.

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