JGA – Mauserlein

Maker: J.G. Anschütz (JGA)
Model: Mauserlein
Caliber: 4-9mm fl. -.22rf
Barrel length: 490mm
Weight: 880g
Source: private

It was made by JGA (Anschütz) from Zella-Mehlis in Germany, usually in the calibers 6 and 9mm Flobert and later in .22RF. These pistols were cheaply made and (according to some authors) not particularly precise. The Germans sometimes witheringly referred to them as ‘Grandfarther’s walking stick!’ It has a rifled barrel and one could (carefully)
presume that it was probably used as a multipurpose target/sporting/hunting pistol

These types of pistols were very popular during the early 1900’s, right up until the end of WWII. They were based on the Mauser type of bolt action. Strictly speaking it is not a Mauser bolt at all, rather a clumsy look-alike.

They were made by various makers; some show a logo of the maker, but most did not. Our example, however, does have the JGA logo and even a serial number.

After WWII the German company named ‘VOERE’ re-introduced and continued making these types of pistols and they are still found today in many shops, gun fairs and auctions.

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JGA Mauserlein (1)

JGA Mauserlein (2)

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JGA Mauserlein pistol
JGA Mauserlein pistol
JGA Mauserlein pistol