PAV 70

Maker: PAV
Model: 70
Caliber: .22rf
Barrel length: 292mm
Weight: 920g
Source: private

This pistol was named the PAV, which was derived from its Czecoslovakian inventor’s name ‘Pavlicek‘. Originally named the model “P” in the 1930, it was sold till in the 1970-80’s.

The purpose of this Scheibenpistol was to produce a cheap but sturdy pistol. It was crudely finished with simple U notched rear sight, a push button barrel release, simpel one piece smooth wooden grips. The rear seated hammer is spring loaded and cocked by hand, once the barrel is closed.

Made to various sized barrels.

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PAV 005

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PAV 70 pistol
PAV 70 pistol
PAV 70 pistol
PAV 70 pistol
PAV 70 pistol