Büchel Stern

Maker: E.F. Büchel (D)
Model: Stern
Caliber: .22lr
Barrel length: 327 mm
Weight: 1020g
Source: private

In 1898 Büchel designed the model Stern target pistol. It was introduced in 1907 as a shorter range (25 meter) Kunstschützenpistole. These were generally simpler made pistols for a fast-growing target shooting market.

The front sight is stationed on a ramp – typical of Büchel sights, and allows different types of front sights to be inserted. With the increased popularity of the more powerful .22lr cartridge, the pistol was also used as a Scheibenpistole at 50 meters.

The Stern was a popular pistol in Europe and the US, where it was sold by most big mail order companies and gun-dealers. In the US, it was imported and sold by the New York based company Stoeger.

Please refer to our book “German, Austrian and Swiss Target Pistols” p.96

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