Hämmerli 100 pistol


This website is dedicated to showing you a part of a heritage collection of classic target pistols. The photo collection includes several classic single shot target pistols (or Scheibenpistols) by various makers such as Büchel, Scharfenberg, Hämmerli and others.

I have categorized the classic target pistols by their various breech systems. Please take a look to see if your own pistol is amongst them and for any further information either refer to the book or send me a personal request for information, I would enjoy hearing from you. This site will be regularly upgraded.

The classic target pistols and various attributes being offered for sale or trade are a surplus to my own- or someone else’s collection. This site is not a commercial enterprise. Instead, it serves as a reference guide to collectors and complements historic information on classic target pistols.

I enjoy collecting and shooting Classic Target Pistols (or Scheibenpistols) in the Netherlands, and have a special interested in the technical and historical aspects of these classic target pistols and the people who made them.

Perhaps you could add a small article yourself together with some good quality photographs and send them to me? I do my best to answer you as soon as I reasonably can, but please bear with me – I could be out target shooting!


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