Bühag (Neumann) Mod. Centrum II

Maker: Bühag
Model: Centrum II
Barrel length: 142mm
Weight: 1400g
Source: private

This sturdy and well-made pistol was produced by Walter Munk who had a small gun shop in Suhl (Germany) where he repaired different weapons and also assembled the Neumann-Original-Centrum-Pistole for his uncle Franz Neumann. In 1935 a new pistol was designed: the Centrum II (2). It was a second design by Neumann and soon became a popular model as several German shooters used it in competitions, including the famous german target shooter Erich Krempel. He scored a new world record in 1939 with his Centrum 2. During WWII production stopped, but Munk resumed it in 1951, when his uncle’s firm’s name became his own ‘Fa. Walter Munk’.

In 1958 his company was nationalized and became part of the East German ‘Büchsenmacher Handwerkgenossenschaft’, short for BÜHAG, for which it is still known today. The BÜHAG (Centrum 2) was for a long time the only German-made Scheibenpistole available after WWII. Munk died in 1977, after which Wolfgang Weiss ran the business until his untimely death. The last Centrum 2 pistols were proofed in 1981/82.

Please refer to our book “German, Austrian and Swiss Target Pistols” p.30-31

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