Büchel LUNA

Maker: E.F. Büchel
Model: LUNA (Model 1914)
Caliber: 4mm -.22rf
Barrel length: 360mm
Weight: 1330g
Source: private

The Model Luna was introduced by the company of E.F. Büchel in 1914 as the next generation target pistol to follow their very successful model Tell. Although similar in looks to the Tell, the Luna is internally different as it has a (Drehblockhinged falling breechblock. The Luna proved to be a big hit. It was reliable and accurate and became the most sold target pistol ever. The large open-eyed ring lever in the grip opens and closes the breech. Compared to the Tell, where the shooter’s hand released the pistol grip every time he reloaded, the Luna allows the breech to be actuated without disturbing the precise grip of the firing hand. The walnut checkered grips are situated higher, compared to the Tell, allowing the shooter a much closer view between his hand and the line of the barrel.

Please refer to our book “German, Austrian and Swiss Target Pistols” p.104-105

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