Maker: Schulhof (AUT)
Model: Scheibenpistole
Caliber: 7x36R CF
Barrel length: 250mm
Weight: 1010g
Source: Czerny’s auction (internet)

This magnificent target pistol was designed by Joseph Schulhof (a.k.a. Schulhoff) from Vienna, Austria. He was lesser known for the development of his semiautomatic pistols, but was in fact a weapons builder and good pistol shot in his time.

In 1880 he developed this famous target pistol, but it was built by several other major firms who all made small changes to the pistol, like Meffert in (Suhl), Wurzinger (Vienna), Nowatny (Prague) and Postler (Vienna). The pistol has a radial-block system which rotates backwards when the large loading lever (positioned in the grips) is pulled upwards. This also cocks the external hammer. It features a double-set trigger and very ornately engraved lock and fixtures. All of the rosewood is finely checkered and has a thumb rest on the right hand side of the pistol. The barrel is fluted and has Swiss-type rear sight and a ramped front sight, which is interchangeable. At the muzzle of the barrel is a small silver inlay used for decoration.

Please refer to our book “German, Austrian and Swiss Target Pistols” p.35

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Schulhof pistol
Schulhof pistol
Schulhof pistol
Schulhof pistol