Flobert Mariëtte pistol

Maker: Unknown
Model: Mariëtte
Caliber: 6mm flobert
Barrel length: 220mm
Weight: 585g
Source: private

This salonpistol was made and sold by many gunshops in Germany and abroad. It was cheap to make and fired the small 6mm flobert cartridge, which meant that in most European countries, especially Germany, its was free to own without any gun permits. It has a Mariëtte or swing-out breech block. The case extractor is the lever on the left hand side, which is manually operated.

It has pre-1936 German proofmarks.

The barrel starts initially with an octogonal shape but becomes rounded halfway through. The barrel ends with a ‘çanon’ type shape. Nice wooden two piece grips with a single fore-end and simple sights. The trigger is one-stage and protrudes once it is cocked from its hidden position. No trigger guard is seen.

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