Maker: Dreyse
Model: Scheibenpistole
Caliber: 5,7mm Scheibenpistole
Barrel length: 210mm
Weight: 875g
Source: internet

The factory was founded by Johann Nicolaus von Dreyse (1787-1867) who was an influential German firearms inventor and manufacturer. He lived in Sömmerda, Germany and is best known for submitting the famous Dreyse needle gun in 1836 to the Prussian army. It was the ancestor of the Mauser rifle of the 1870s and ’80s. In 1901, the firm became part of the giant concern Rheinische Metallwaren und Maschinenfabrik AG of Düsseldorf (now Rheinmetall GmbH), a major supplier of weapons to the German military, which continues to the present day. The company was continued by his son Franz.

This bolt-action system target pistol was designed by Franz von Dreyse and was inspired by a bolt-action rifle he designed and secured with a German patent. It is considered one of the first bolt-action center-fire target pistols made, although its design has little resemblance to modern day bolt actions. The caliber is the obsolete black-powder center fire cartridge 5,7 mm Scheibenpistole.

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Dreyse bold action 1

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Dreyse target pistol 2

Dreyse Target Pistol
Dreyse Target Pistol
Dreyse Target Pistol
Dreyse target pistol