Maker: Gebr. Simon (D)
Model: Präzisions Scheibenpistole
Caliber: .22lr
Barrel length: 440mm
Weight: 1580g
Source: private

In 1873 the Simon brothers took over an old established gunmaking business named ‘Bohrmühle’ in Schmalkalden, Thüringia (Germany). In their 1924 catalog, the “Präzision-Scheibenpistole mit Keilblockverschluss”  (Precision Scheibenpistol with Keilblock breech) was introduced. It was a heavy target pistol that had both a long barrel and sighting line. The combination of high-quality materials and technical innovations made this a serious competitor for other Scheibenpistols during the 1920-30s. The heavy barrel and overall weight of the pistol required a strong arm and was therefore not everybody’s favorite.  

In 1924 the Simon Brothers protected their design with the DRGM (Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster) Nr. 885180 a typical German type of patent, pending only for a period of four years. The Keil block was a vertical breech block initially introduced in the mid 1800s for use in artillery canons, moving a wedged breech block transversely, or in our case, vertically up-and-down at the rear of the receiver. Two versions were made and it had a fixed barrel design.

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