Hämmerli 160-162

Maker: Hämmerli (CH)
Model: 160 and 162
: .22lr
Barrel length: 287mm
Weight: 1330g
Source: private

The characteristic form of the 160 remains the same as the 150 series except for the front shaft, which is now made of black plastic which can hold counter weights. The mechanical trigger on the 160 were newly developed, with adjustable trigger pressure and tongue.

The Model 162 has an electronic operated trigger system. The wooden grip was retained (thankfully!) which too had an adjustable hand rest.

The model 160-S had no front shaft, instead a pair of extruding bars housed the adjustable counter weights which can be placed over the barrel. A factory fitted muzzlebrake/compensator complemented the pistol.

The 160 Special is a variation on the 160. Same steel frame, trigger group, barrel, etc. It differs most obviously by eliminating the carbon fiber for end with an adjustable dual rail weight system that clamps to the barrel with an alloy block. The trigger guard is also changed from carbon fiber to alloy. Also, the 160 special was offered with an optional muzzle brake, which was also alloy. All the alloy parts were anodized in a color matched scheme. Overall, it’s a great pistol with a production run from 1992-98.

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Hammerli 160 (1)

Hammerli 160 (2)

Hammerli 160 (3)

Hämmerli 160 pistol
Hämmerli 160 pistol
Hämmerli 160 pistol