Flobert Warnant

Maker: Arnaud à Libourne (B)
Model: Warnant
Caliber: 9mm flobert
Barrel length: 225mm
Weight: 870g
Source: private

One of the well known systems to be developed for the Flobert cartridge and the blackpowder .22 RF cartridge, was the Warnant breeching system. It was designed and developed by the Belgian gunmaker Julien Warnant and patented in 1885 from Hognée (near Liège) in Belgium.

The Warnant lock was a vertical pivoting-breech system with a small square metal block consisting of an internal spring-loaded firing pin.

The Warnant system was supposed to be a better and stronger system than the Flobert, though it still seems to be a weak system according some authors. It was widely used in cheaper sporting guns and pistols alike.

The first example of this pistol is engraved in gold with the name “Arnaud à Libourne” on top of the barre.

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