Hämmerli 150-152

Maker: Hämmerli
Model: 150
Caliber: .22lr
Barrel length: 286mm
Weight: 1340g
Source: private

This new modelled pistol was produced between 1973-76 to counteract one of its main rivals the Russian M55-1 among others,. It was futuristic in its day, with an enlarged triggerguard and a free flooting wooden front shaft which could house counter weights. The trigger system was simplified in contrast to the three- and five stage trigger systems of the 100-107 predecessors.

The difference between the 150 and 152 was essentially the electronic trigger system of the 152 which allowed an incredible trigger pull of only 2 – 100 grams! production ended in 1991.

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Hammerli 150 (1)

Hammerli 150 (2)

Hammerli 152 004

Hammerli 152 002

Hämmerli 150 pistol
Hämmerli 150 pistol
Hammerli 152
Hämmerli 152