TOZ-35 (M)

Maker: Tulskii Oruschenyi
Model: Toz-35(M)
Caliber: .22lr
Barrel length: 299mm
Weight: 1330g
Source: private

This famous free pistol is the Russian made TOZ 35(M) by the company Tulskii Oruschenyi Sawod in the ciry of Tula. It was the brain child of engineer Chaidurow.

The TOZ 35M is an adaptation of the classic Peabody/Martini-type rear hinged breechblock, built to a smaller scale.

Construction of the TOZ35M is all steel, with stained wood furniture. A lever at the base of the grip operates the breechblock: moving the lever to the front opens the action, while moving the action lever to the rear position cocks and closes the action.

The trigger is fully adjustable and is set by the operation of a small side lever at the left side of the receiver after the round is loaded. It can be adjusted down to a weight range of around 20 grams.

The TOZ 35M features a robust, fully adjustable rear sight having windage and elevation adjustments via finger-operated knobs. The early TOZ 35 model were produced from 1963-85, which were succeeded by the TOZ-35(M) (M= modified action). A combined total of 60755 pistols were made.

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TOZ-35 (M) pistol
TOZ-35 (M) pistol
TOZ-35 (M) pistol
TOZ-35 (M) pistol
TOZ-35 (M) pistol
TOZ-35 (M) pistol
TOZ-35 (M) pistol