ISCH-I (or ISZ-1)

Maker: Ischewski Mech. Sawod
Model: ISCH-1
Caliber: .22lr
Barrel length: 280mm
Weight: 1210g
Source: private

This IZH-I pistol was produced at the Ischevski weapons factory in Russia. It is a single-shot free-pistol and is the least common of the current Soviet free-pistols, the others being the MTS 2-1, MTS 2-3, and TOZ-35(M).

The large wooden grips are most distinctive. The forearm and grip assembly comes almost to the top level of the barrel, -thus putting the web of the shooting hand -in line with the barrel. Action of the IZH-I is of modified Martini pattern with adjustable mainspring tension. The operating lever is actuated by a latch projecting outward from the lower left side of the grip. The trigger can be adjusted just like its rear sights. Its very accurate and well balanced. A total of 5778 ISZ-1 pistols were made from 1959-67.

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