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23rd April 2014 - Just got my Russian Vostok IZH-1 in. Looks really nice, including original wooden box and even Munich 1972 Olympic Games sticker on it..! have a look: IZH-1


12th March 2014 - Well.. we're 'clean' and back thanks to the hard work of Patrick from (uwhostingwinkel.nl) Thanks again!


I enjoy collecting and shooting Classic Target Pistols (or Scheibenpistole) in the Netherlands. I have an historical interest in the great variety of systems that were used in these pistols and especially in the people who made them.

This site is not a commercial enterprise but instead is dedicated to show you a part of a interesting historical heritage collection and give you an idea of some of the classic target pistols that were made.

The pistols being offered for sale or trade are either a surplus to my own collection or someone else's.

Please contact me if you are interested in obtaining any further information, I would enjoy hearing from you.

The galleries include several photographs of Scheibenpistolen including pistols by Büchel, Scharfenberg, Hämmerli and other good quality examples. 

Feel free to have a look around. Perhaps you could add a small article yourself together with some good quality photographs..

I do my best to answer you as soon as I reasonably can, but please bear with me - I could be out target shooting...